SELinux Game Learn SELinux By Doing


All of the tutorials below are designed to teach SELinux commands used in the scenarios. These are self-guided and provide concrete examples. They build on each other, so going top to bottom is recommended.

Each of these can be tested with the tutorials box. More instructions on loading this box are on the tutorial pages.

Name Description
Enable/Disable/Status Learn how enable, disable, and check the status of SELinux
File and Process Contexts Learn how SELinux labels files and processes
Changing a File Context Learn how to change a file context
SELinux Rules and Modules Learn the basics of how SELinux determines if an action is allowed or not.
SELinux Logging Learn how SELinux reports denials
Booleans Learn how to set and check for SELinux booleans
Dissecting an SELinux Denial Learn how to interpret and understand SELinux denials
Searching for Denials with ausearch Learn how to search for previous denials with the `ausearch` tool
Permanently Set a File Context Learn how to set file context by modifying the policy.
Fixing AVC denials Learn how to use audit2allow to write a "workaround" SELinuxpolicy
Multi Category Security Explore the more advanced mode of SELinux