SELinux Game Learn SELinux By Doing


The Scenarios are listed below grouped by difficulty.


Name Description
All About Context Part I You are asked for the SELinux file contexts of a few files on The normal SELinux girl is out of the office. You are on your own.
All About Context Part II Tammy is at Jury Duty again, and you need to cover her service desk tickets. The first ticket is asking for the SELinux process context of `systemd-journald`.
All My Modules Your employer wants a list of all the SELinux modules installed on the system.
Status Check Your coworker Jeremy left the company to start a Bitcoin mining operation. You decide to look at a system he left you to determine if SELinux is running or not.


Name Description
New Ways You've learned the wisdom in SELinux and have decided to reject your insecure ways of the past. You need to enable SELinux on your system. You need to enable it now.
Static Xiang needs to host a static site built with Jekyll. She installed it and configured Apache, but when she tries to fetch it she receives a 403 Forbidden error along with some AVC denials.


Name Description
Broken Antivirus Bill noticed the email server antivirus stopped scanning attachments, and he thinks its SELinux related. He says, "If you disable SELinux the antivirus scanning works."
Stayin' Alive You are installing `keepalived`, but you can't run restart it without it crashing.